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  • 主演:洪万彪  
  • 影视类型:喜剧一本道
  • 上映时间:2012

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加油,李先生 剧情介绍

It is Byeong-Heon’s dream to become a film director. He starts to write scenarios to debut after quitting his production team due to his trouble with the assistant director. A television production team starts to film his daily life and preparation for a documentary film, but he turns out to be the epitome of laziness. He drinks every single day; it takes longer than 8 hours for him to wake up and get his computer to boot; for over an hour, all he does is to come up with the title and the right font design; and he returns to pubs. Beom-Su, who is ahead of his debut as a production director, Seung-Bo, who is also yet to debut as a cinematographer, and Young-Hyeon, an actor who had never had a major role yet, all wrangle over cheap alcohol every other night. Not only that, Byeong-Heon visits his ex-wife and the 2-year-old daughter and makes a mess every time he gets drunk. So the production team loses their interest and ends up calling for an emergency meeting.

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